Nutrition Programs

These diet plans have been put together to support those who need support and guidance in a healthy balanced diet. They should easily be able to be fit into your life, involve limited meal prep and contain easily accessible (or interchangeable) ingredients.  As with all of our programmes, our personal trainer is fully available to answer any questions you may have. 


Healthy Diet Recipes

This is for every day use for the whole family to enjoy if you are looking at healthier meals without keeping to a specific plan.

There are 12 Recipes, which includes Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and a couple side dishes to help you change some bad habits into good ones and still enjoy the lovely flavours from the food.  

1 payment of £25

30 Day Fat Shred Diet Plan

This is a  30 day Fat Shred Programme. It specifically outlines each day, with 3 meals and snacks. 

The meals are easy to prepare with plenty of protein and low carb, to keep you fuller for longer.

There is also a handy shopping list to make is easier to identify the groceries that you need.

1 payment of £35

8 Week Diet Transformation Diet Plan

This diet plan is aiming for the body to have a complete transformation.

It is designed for people who a kick start to maximise your body transformation. Each day is fully planned out for what you will be eating, including weights and measures.

This diet plan does include protein shakes, which is designed to help with muscle recovery from exercise and also to help increase the calorie intake.

1 Payment of £45